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Ansible has issues with “run_once” and “when” in the same task. If the “when” only evaluates to true for some hosts, it's basically undefined wether the task will run or be skipped based on whatever host happens to be the first one to be evaluated. If the first one is skipped, the task won't even run once if all others would evaluate as true.


- name: Create temporary directory to download agent on ansible host
  when: package.pkgversion != agent_installed_version
  register: tempdir_ansiblehost
  run_once: true
  delegate_to: localhost
  check_mode: no
    state: directory


with_items: "{{ old_mounts | sort | reverse }}"

results in...

item=<list_reverseiterator object at 0x7fdc252dad60>

The “fix” is to use the list filter:

with_items: "{{ old_mounts | sort | reverse | list }}"


I had to figure out a way to remove specific hosts that had generated new host keys from the SSH known hosts file on the AWX system. What I came up with is the following playbook:

- hosts: all
  gather_facts: false
  - name: Remove host key from known_hosts
      cmd: ssh-keygen -R {{ inventory_hostname }}
    delegate_to: "localhost"

I just run this playbook with the limit set to the host or hosts I want to clear and have setup a template that just asks me for that limit.

I known that there is a module known_hosts, but it has a shortcoming in my opinion: It points to ~/.ssh/known_hosts by default instead of parsing the ~/.ssh/config file to determine the default location.

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