Old Hardware and old texts that shouldn't be there

I've recently started going through my attic again and saw my old #Commodore hardware. I grew up on a #C64 and its 1541 disk drive that was able to transfer about 300 bytes per second into the small 64 kByte RAM that the C64 has. I even got ahold of some more hardware like a C128 and a Plus4 back then, but didn't really do much with them. And I bought a 1581. One of the rare 3½” disk drive that Commodore produced back then, although I was late to the party. I probably bought it around 1994, I believe the german magazine 64'er had a story one day that someone had found a stock of old 1581 disk drives and I absolutely needed one back then. I had no real use for it, but I scraped together my pocket money and got one. I still remember wondering why there was so little data on the 1581 demo disk back then, but never investigated it further. It only had about 10 directory entries. Lacking contact to other 1581 owners I had no way to figure out that my disk was faulty.

Fast-forward to 2020, I just got a connection to a local retro-computing group and got interested in making an inventory of my old hardware and figure out what still works. One person there had modified a PC 3½” disk drive to read all the magnetic flux data that the software or hardware translates into a byte-sequence and wanted to try and make an image of the disk and got me hooked into converting that result into a usable image for an emulator. The image file was an SCP image that could probably be converted by keirf's Disk-Utilities. Awesome programs btw, but it doesn't support d81 images used by the emulators. But the Commodore 1581 apparently uses a common IBM-MFM format that regular PC drives can read, just the two disk sides are swapped and the 1581 uses a completely different logical format: 80 tracks with 40 sectors with 256 bytes each, 254 bytes useable per sector, the first two bytes point to the next track/sector in the chain. So the Disk-Utilities gave me an image that had sectors swapped around. There's a request open to support d81 images, but it's probably low priority, as I provided a small shell script in that issue that can fix the image.

Now here's the interesting part: While looking at the disk in hex editors to figure out what's wrong with it, I saw strings I didn't expect. Strings that looked like a chat log, people talking about copy protection, “...and you can buy a 14,4K baud fax modem for around $100 now...” and similar things.

I had no access to the internet or any BBS during my time on the C64. That text could not originate from me, I didn't even speak english well enough back then.

So I made a mental notice to have a closer look, once I had time and that time has come now.

It seems to be parts of a transcript of a “GeoFAX conference” that was held online by some people, including Maurice Randall where he introduces and answers questions about his new program GeoFAX.

So, here is the text. I've removed Maurice's address and phone number as requested by him.

me one and all, madames and misters to Maurice Randall Live .Chuck> Smoking in the outer lobby only .Chuck> Formal conference rules will apply— .Sam> I'm gonna take my seat & learn something .Chuck> If you wish to ASK A QUESTION PLEASE TYPE ? you will'be recognized in order .Chuck> With no further Ado—-Ladies and Gentleman Maurice Randall!!!! .Chuck> Take it away Maurice .Ellen> ...applause... .Zazatik> clap clap clap .Maurice> Welcome everyone... .John/Cruiser> ...CLAP...CLAP... .Reub> Hip hip!!! .Maurice> And thank you .. I will begin with.. Many of you know that I am working on an 80 column publishing program... Well, it has taken a temporary back seat... On a computer next to me, I have GEOS booted up... And on the screen is an all-new GEOS application.. This new application is called....GeoFax. I believe it is the first program of it's kind for the 64 or 128. We will be able to send and receive faxes with our 64s and 128s from GEOS. Incoming faxes can be saved to disk or printed on your printer or both... Faxes can be saved to disk in two different formats... One is in the form of a GeoPaint file... And the second a GeoFax file... The most common will naturally be GeoPaint. You can also send a GeoPaint file. The conversion to a fax document is handled by the program. This program allows many possibilities other than just faxing. Imagine if you were to connect a real fax machine to your fax/modem with a phone cord... You could use it as a full-page scanner with GeoPaint. The program is a 40 column program and will run on GEOS 64 or GEOS 128 in 40 column mode. The hardware requirements are. A fax modem, a SwiftLink cartridge, and a phone line. And of course your little Commodore 64 Would anybody like to start with a question? .Chuck> Yes John? .John/Cruiser> Assume this is strictly for Geos-Geos transfer? .Maurice> No, it is for GEOS to any fax machine or any other computer running a fax program...This includes any 486 or Mac.. .Chuck> Tom has a question .Maurice> The file that is transferred is a fax document. The GeoPaint is converted for you. .Chuck> Go ahead Tom TOMPATCH> Why not a 80 column? .Maurice> The 80 column version will come after I see what users wish this would do. In the meantime everybody can use this. .Chuck> Yes Doc go ahead. .DOC> what baud rate with the 128? .Maurice> With the 64 and 128, fax transmissions are supported at 2400, 4800, 7200 and 9600. .Chuck> Yes Sam first .Sam> the swiftlink is necessary at 2400? .Maurice> The SwiftLink is' required by the program. This is the fastest way to handle the data and do everything else that it does. .Zazatik> A 128 at 2400 baud would take quite a while to transmit the FAX, correct? .Maurice> Yes, it would be slow, but there are some older modems that only support 2400 baud faxes. .Maurice> It wouldn't really be recommended. end .Chuck> Tom Johnston had a question next. TOMJOHNSTON> it would seem use of an REU/RAMLink is important for obvious reasons of speed..and since a Swiftlink and REU can't be used (easily) together, this also .Maurice> No, the disk routines in GEOS work pretty good. But yes an REU or an HD would be helpful. end TOMJOHNSTON> effectively means you need a RAMLink? .Maurice> Ah, but a SwiftLink and an REU work together easily. .Chuck> Ed you had a statement? .Ed> Just want to interject that modem prices have come way down in recent months, as technology becomes less expensive... and you can buy a 14,4K baud fax modem for around $100 now... Maurice> Yes, so a 9600 or 14.4 modem should be affordable to many people. .Ed> Transmission time also takes into effect how much data is on the page. .Chuck> Robert92 You were next ROBERT92> I am ready to order...Where do I send the money? .Maurice> With GEOS, the REU and SwiftLink plugged into a RamLink is not a problem.Yes, Ed. The program is not supporting the higher resolution (fine mode) for speed reasons. The 80 column version when it is ready will most likely support it though. The program is just getting into it's beta testing... And the manual is being finished..I will be taking orders beginning in the first week of January. Shipping will be in about a month from now. The price will be $39.95 plus $4.00 for shipping. I will also be advertising it in Commodore World and dieHard. Let me tell you a little more about it... On the screen, you see a simulated image of a fax machine... When the fax is coming in, you see the paper scrolling up out of the machine... You get a sort of preview mode this way while it is being saved to disk or printed... There are a series of buttons on the front of the machine where you turn features on or off...Or access additional functions... If you save the incoming faxes as a GeoFax file, you can retain the entire resolution... There are some special printer drivers supplied that allow you to print these files.. The resolution is 216x98 dpi, so as long as you have a printer that supports at least this much, you can print them. Chuck> Sam? .Sam> ok let me see . $100 for fax modem /an REU /Swiftlink /Ram Link / + $45 for pgm ... So how much is that total if I needed it all? ??? not sour grapes just asking.?. .Maurice> You can run this with a minimum system... It only gets better if you have all the good stuff, just like any other application with GEOS. PEACEMAKR.Sam> same ? how much for items ?? .Maurice> Keep in mind that a file or several files can add up in size... So at least a 1581 would be nice. .Chuck> Ellen you had a question? .Ellen> Can they be printed as they come in or do you have to print them from the GeoFax file? In other words... Will it function like a regular FAX machine in that respect?
.Maurice> They can be printed as they come in, instead of saving to disk...Just keep in mind the speed of your printer. It will affect the transmission times. .Chuck> Any further questions? .Chuck> Yes Paul? .Maurice> Did I answer peacemaker's question OK? .Ellen> If you're not home the speed doesn't seem important .Paul/BRAVE1> will a good printer buffer help? .Sam> yes I can look it all up.. .Maurice> A big printer buffer would definitely help. .Paul/BRAVE1> how about a 1750 REU .Maurice> The speed would be important to the person at the other end. Yes? .Ellen> ahhh GOOD point!! .Maurice> Keep this in mind with REU's... The program supports any ram disk that can be used within GEOS, as long as you can also attach a SwiftLink properly. For anybody that has just come in here, this conference is about the new program called 'GeoFax'. .Chuck> Cruiser had a question, then Rich, then Fred .John/Cruiser> Any printer driver that will take advantage of my Epson inkjet? .Maurice> The GeoFax printer drivers will support 240x216, 300x300, and 360x360 dpi printers. .John/Cruiser> Thx .Maurice> Your Epson will be supported. .Chuck> Rich? .Rich> Can the GeoFax switch to disk mode if it is in immediate print mode... .Maurice> If you print them as a GeoPaint, then your standard GEOS printer driver will be used. .Rich> and the printer signals “paper out”?(If used in an unattended way) .Maurice> You will be required to select the modes with the front panel buttons on GeoFax. .Rich> Ok. Thanks. .Maurice> If the printer is a page at a time printer, then the printing will not begin until a page is inserted. Also... This way, an unattended mode will just ignore the calls if a printer or drive problem occurs. .Chuck> Fred you're next. FRED8615> Actually, my question is not about GeoFax. Still want to try it? .Maurice> Go ahead. FRED8615> I'm an amateur astronomer.. I was wondering what you thought the possibility of using Geos... (or not) for CCD cameras. .Maurice> Explain... would it need to interface to the computer? > Yes. .Maurice> All of the port connections on the computer are available and may be used from within GEOS.So it should be possible. .John/Cruiser> Availability target dates for 80-col GeoFax? 80-col Publish? .Maurice> I want to get this one off the ground before I can give an honest answer to that... I've given projection dates on Finally! before and haven't come through on it yet. In about a week, I will upload a demo of GeoFax so that everyone can see what it looks like. .Paul/BRAVE1> will there ever be an upgrade to GeoTerm? If so, will there ever be a Geos front end for delphi? .Maurice> I can tell you this.... With me getting GeoFax going, I am discovering that it is possible to do a fast term program from within GEOS... As far as an upgrade to GeoTerm, no. It would have to be a totally new term program. end .Paul/BRAVE1> CLAP...CLAP...CLAP FRED8615> I joined the conf late, then got thrown off so if this question was asked already I'm sorry... .Maurice> I left a message on the Internet as to how it could be done... If you want I will repeat that here. FRED8615> Does GeoFax send faxes by itself? .Maurice> Do you mean can you program it for certain times? FRED8615> And what version (if any) of Geos is required? .Maurice> GEOS 2.0, 64 or 128, 40 column mode. FRED8615> Can it be programed for time? .Maurice> To send a fax... you begin by clicking on the SEND button... Then select a file from the requester... Then a phonebook pops up... you can select a phone number or type it in manually... or you can select 'MANUAL' and dial out on your handset...'' Then if you are ready... you click on the 'START' button. There are LEDs above the buttons that let you know what is going on... When the START LED goes off, the transmission is finished. FRED8615> Cool. Thank you. .Maurice> This first version won't support programming it for certain times. But it will keep a log file of the transmissions. .Chuck> Yes John? .John/Cruiser> Please “spiral-bind” the docs. .–) .Maurice> Hmmm... that costs a couple bucks a piece. But I have considered it. .Chuck> Ye


.Maurice> The program is so easy to use, the docs are almost unnecessary. I like programs that are easy to figure out.
.Chuck> Tom Johnston has a question. TOMJOHNSTON> I was AFK for a while..but... it seems like GeoFax offers a way around GeoGif conversions any thoughts on resolutions?? .Maurice> Well, this is primarily a fax program... But it just happens to be pretty slick for importing stuff. Some day, there might be a program that will allow you to edit a GeoFax document... But for now, you can only print them. .Chuck> Fred had another question FRED8615> Any chance you'll be racing your car at Daytona next year? .Maurice> If I can sell enough fax programs to pay my way down there. The car is ready...But I have to put a motor together... and install the new roof flaps...This all costs money... Something that has been lacking lately. .Chuck> Robert has a question ROBERT92> I just want to say...You will get the money... You may very well have hit the jackpot on this one. FRED8615> I agree. .Maurice> I hope so. It should be a big seller... .ROBERT92> IT will Be!!! .Maurice> I would like to get everyone's opinion on something... I am putting a form of copy protection into the program... but don't get excited! ... Here is how it works... The FCC requires that all faxes be sent with the caller's phone number... So, it must be programmed into the computer and sent with the document... When you order the program...I will put your phone number right into it... This assigns the program to one person... If you buy it from some other source...You give me a call, and I give you a personal id number to type in with your phone number...And it inserts it for you. You can change your number at any time by calling me first. What does everyone think of that id .Chuck> Sam first then Rich then Tom. TOMPATCH> Good idea .Sam> So what happens if you move & change #'s? Never mind you answered it. ROBERT92> Why not? .Maurice> All you do is give me a call and you get a new PIN to enter into the program. .Rich> That was my question too. You're a step ahead of us! Good show! .Maurice> If you sell your computer and your software, the buyer can do the same thing. .Chuck> Go ahead John. .Maurice> If I move? I don't think so, but just in case, I have every registered owners address... .John/Cruiser> I'm nervous about any scheme that relies on the... programmer to be there later on. .Maurice> If something happens to me, there will always be someone around that will take over. This is also why I am asking everyone's opinion on this... I don't like copy protection, but I don't think this way would offend anyone. .John/Cruiser> Ok. Thx. Generally, I just don't like the idea- but you have a right to protect your investment. TOMPAT CH> Repeat, Good idea. .Maurice> It would keep anyone from sharing a copy with someone... because each copy has it's own serial number also. .Sam> It's more for the FCC I think. .Maurice> You will also be allowed to have more than one phone number for $5.00 fee for the second line. FRED8615> Was that the only way you could do it? .Maurice> I don't like other forms of copy protection. Besides it only involves a registration of the software. You don't alter your original, only a copy. But the original can't be used by anyone else, because it is numbered. Unless it gets re-registered by a new owner. .Chuck> John you had another question? .John/Cruiser> I'd still be able to make an archive copy, then? .Maurice> Yes you can make as many copies as you like.Save your original... And you can make extra copies of the installed copy. It can be file copied to any drive you like. .Chuck> Fred you're next, then Tom Patch. FRED8615> Are other devices required, or can GeoFax be used with 1 (or 2) disk drives? .Maurice> It will work with any setup. One drive is ok, just not recommended...One drive is not recommended for anything in GEOS. .Chuck> Tom Patch, then Tom Jonston. TOMPATCH> You would want the area code also? .Maurice> The phone number would include the area code and the rest, You see, if I have your phone number, I can fax stuff to you! TOMJOHNSTON> I've had the same phone # for 12 years, so I suppose I shouldn't complain but...this sounds like a bad idea to me... .John/Cruiser> What about disabling call waiting? .Maurice> You can disable that. It will allow special stuff, even has a simple terminal in it. TOMJOHNSTON> the obvious problem of folks changing numbers seems easily solved..and I trust your good intentions Maurice... but the Commie community has been plagued by “drop-outs”.. and this will likely only be an effective copy protection until some hot dog “hacks” it... .Maurice> I would really rather just trust everyone. I have so far. That's why I am asking opinions. The hac& king part will be tough. Trust me on that one. If I do it, I will do it good. But I can still eliminate it, I'm not sure. .Chuck> Rich then Bob .Rich> As far as copy protections go, this one sounds pretty nice. Plus... whoever buys and registers the s/w... .Maurice> I anticipate always being around.... .Rich> ...would end up handing out his FAX (or voice#) if he thought he could just give someone a copy of it Sounds nice enough. .Maurice> I own a big building in Charlotte MI that I don't intend to move away from..And my wife and I just moved into a house that we plan on staying in now, probably forever... Yes, and the copy can't be registered because the number on it is already registered. The serial number that is. Unless it is legitimately sold to someone else and the original buyer no longer uses it.That is ok. .Chuck> Bob the Tom J again. ROBERT92> I will be sending a fax by 1-30-95? .Maurice> You should be. I will be sending them sooner than that! ROBERT92> I don'T care haw you protect it,it is for me not the county... .Chuck> Tom J and then John again. TOMJOHNSTON> Ok..again I was AFK for awhile. but..will this be available from CMD? .Maurice> Tom has a good point, but I have already thought about me being around for awhile.CMD will be selling it, yes. TOMJOHNSTON> exclusively or will you be distributing yourself. and how many $$$$? .Maurice> Same price. And I will sell it direct also. (I make more money that way) $39.95 plus $4.00 shipping. COD is another $4.00 if desired. I don't take credit cards, sorry. CMD does. TOMJOHNSTON> ..be sure to post your address Maurice.. ];) .Maurice> Maurice Randall P.O. Box XXX XXX XX XXXXX. Street address also. XXXXXXXXXXX. But PO box is all that is needed. PH. XXX-XXX-XXXX If anyone is in the area at any time..Feel free to stop in and say HI. .Chuck> John then Tom P. .John/Cruiser> Never mind... I'm still uncomfortable with copy protection... no easy answer. .Chuck> OK, Tom P? TOMPATCH> When can we send a order and money? .Maurice> Please don't start sending until January... I don't want you to sit on your money any longer than necessary. I've seen too many cases where orders take too long to fill... No fun. .Chuck> Any further questions? TOMJOHNSTON> yeah..I got an off the wall one.. .John/Cruiser> None here. Great job, Maurice. Wish you all the luck in the world on this. CLAP CLAP CLAP .Maurice> Thanks. but Tom, go ahead. TOMJOHNSTON> Anyone ever hear from Dave Ferguson? (DiBief?) .Chuck> I here-by declare the formal part finished! TOMJOHNSTON> yes..thanks Maurice... .Maurice> Your very welcome everyone. .John/Cruiser> HEAR, HEAR! .Reub> Thanks Maurice!! .DOC> nite tom .Maurice> I will do this again, if you like when the program starts shipping. .Ellen> YESSSSSS Please do! Just let me know when Maurice. .John/Cruiser> I would like that very much. .Maurice> And watch for the demo online here. .DOC> oh we are going to get a DEMO version too? .John/Cruiser> ABSOLUTELY! CAN'T WAIT! .Maurice> Chuck has a very simple version of it, but I will upload a better one than he has. ARCA93.Maurice> Thanks for having me here tonight, Ellen. And thank you for the time. .Ellen> It was DEFINITELY our pleasure I hope you'll help out in the FORUM when the program comes out. answering questions about it...ok? .Maurice> I will definitely be supporting it. I will watch the forum for questions on any of my stuff. END OF TRANSCRIPT.