Baloo kills my system

New Laptop. Decided to try #KDE/Plasma 5 on it. Battery fully charged. Copied my data. Shut the laptop down to go to an event where I need about 4h of battery life, but as the laptop lasts about 12h (verified this during install) I don't expect any problems. Started the laptop on battery. Logged in. Some search program starts Indexing all files and literally sucks the battery dry to ~60% within just a couple of minutes before I notice and are able to kill the process. Process starts again immediately and continues sucking my battery down to ~35% before I manage to find that stupid switch to really disable it. Why can't these tools check if they're on battery before they launch these damn index processes? Besides that I was never asked if I really want to index all my files (the answer would have been a big NO) and there was absolutely no indicator that such a process was running in the background.